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January 06, 2009


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Ron Hayes, C.P.M.

I was thinking about the current economic situation and the number of under utilized (laid off, unemployed, work at home) skilled office-type workers in many fields not just accounting, data entry, telemarketing, but in purchasing (spend analyis, commodity strategies, negotiation plans, contractual agreements, problem solving, supplier diversity, supplier coaching, etc), engineering, cost accounting, sales, marketing, etc etc etc.
What I wonder is when and how companies large and small will see the wasted resources and decide to be innovators in defining a new type of work at home?
When I look in ki work just now, I think there are around 3000 offers and less than 4 actual work projects !!
Where are the projects? Who is responsible for marketing the resource to viable corporations?

I still think this site is better than many pseudo sites (sohojobs comes to mind) in its professionalism and approach.

How do we get grow the types and quantity of projects?

Thank you

Ron Hayes

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