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December 15, 2008


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Jan Simpson

Okay - nice post for advertising ki work to get more money in your pocket. But let's get down to brass tacks on your posts.

First of all - the demise of the newspaper is their own faults. I love the newspaper, I love reading the opinions, however what killed the newspapers isn't the 24 hour media or the fact people can get the news instantly.

The fall of the newspaper is because of the political commentary and the consistent commentary throughout the newspaper. The same thing that is happening to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC and now add ESPN who is owne/partnered with ABC. When they had Obama on there - they lost me - I don't want the government politics in my morning mix of Mike and Mike - I want the sporting news - so hopefully Jerry Jones will get the NFL channel up and running and I will watch them - Jerry is a smart man, he doesn't talk outside his expertise and you know what he stands for - he is not drug around by the nose cause someone is telling him what to write -

Here is something to think about - magazines haven't fallen - have they- I buy Elle magazine for a few columns, I buy Southern Living, Forbes, Fast Company etc. This is because the columnists provide information, laughs etc and don't disappoint - they don't get into areas they know nothing about. Their slant is their slant and I appreciate and understand it. So, I guess the argument that 24 hour news was the downfall is not valid.

I am not a fan of your ki works advertising in the posts either - but that is just my humble opinion - either you are a "moderator" for your group and want to increase your membershp so you make more money - but I think there is a different way to go about advertising your wares in order to make more revenues for yourself - If you want to write about ki works/werks then give stats of how much revenue you have generated for your group or if you are in a group - how much money has been generated. Give facts that help people want to join the ki works - not fluff stuff - there is too much fluff stuff on the web - let's just say no to the fluff stuff

Anyway - just my humble opinion.

Nice post.

Jim Wolff

@ Jan

I like your assessment - too much fluff stuff on the web. I'm all for getting rid of fluff stuff too.

I think in fairness tho, the blog post is more about explaining what can be done with the ki work model, than advertising for the sake of it. The newspaper industry, like many others at this time, is facing some uncertainty, and this is an exploration of just one potential solution to how we deliver and access news.

Somehow freelancers need some structure to help compete with larger organisations and ki work is one way of doing it.

Jim (ki work operations)

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