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October 01, 2008


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Octavio Pitaluga

Hi Michael,

A while ago I have written about virtual agile networking entreprises and the new leadership style required to run these kind of organizations: CNO - Chief Networking Officer. This article is also available on Wikipedia on this same topic.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga

Ask Viki!

As a Virtual Assistant, with my own practice; I have people contacting about the services I offer.

Most of the inquires I'm getting are for more technical process than administrative, so that's the change I've seen recently.

Viki Garrison


Since posting this article, I've heard a lot of examples like yours Viki that virtual work is becoming far more normal these days. I really think that a tightening of credit will cause an explosion in this area.

Re your article Octavio about CNOs - it's only a matter of time before these become key features of any management team. In fact I'm thinking of becoming one myself ;-)

Seriously though, I think the CNO idea is a great model for the role of a Category Leader in ki work. This is a position that requires immense networking savvy, and imho ki work is the only organisation that can accommodate and nurture this unique breed of individual. The power of 500 CNOs coming together under one (virtual) roof is incredibly exciting.


COO - (CNO?) ki work

Serena Carcasole

Great post!

Viki I agree with you also. I have a VA Firm and most of my clients look for anything to do with online "virtual help" especially online marketing. Examples are 1shoppingcart, Pay Per Click, Article Marketing, Social Networking, Copywriting, Blogging, Email/Calendar Mgmt, Ebook services, Online Business Consulting, and also Graphic/Website (Blog and Flash Html)Design. The world is going virtual and to be honest with you I don't think we are going to have many doctors, lawyers, dentists etc for our children's future and there chidlren's future. Good for us now however not so good for the decades ahead!

Serena Carcasole
Virtual Assistant
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Jay Deragon

As we watch the debate about the systemic problems with our current economic system one wonders if it is time to “change the system”. Our economy has long been based on debits and credits, outcomes of the results of activity. The outcomes are variable while the answers to creating less variability lie within the “processes and decisions” that create the outputs. Is innovation a major driver for creating a new economy?

read this and think about creating an innovation economy

Nick Clayton - blog editor

I read Octavio's article on the role of the Chief Networking Officer with fascination. I'm sure it's a powerful model for the future.

If I disagree with anything in the article it's the emphasis on large organizations making these changes internally. Big business doesn't have a good record when it comes to reforming itself except under severe duress. Of course, the ongoing financial crisis is going to be severely disruptive and corporations will have to adapt to survive.

What, to me, will be more interesting is what will develop from the bottom up. Virtual businesses have the potential to be incredibly flexible, morphing from one project to another and even disappearing with little trace if they find no role. With little physical capital they don't really need to conform to the conventional corporate model. They may have little to gain from scale.

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