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October 13, 2008


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John Qualls

Just as many manufacturing companies at the beginning of the last century were skeptical regarding the benefits of purchasing electricity, today many companies in all industries are wondering about the benefits of Cloud Computing.

However, I disagree with Larry Ellison’s belief there is no clear business model. The model begins, not with software, but with infrastructure. This infrastructure (cloud) enables companies with a wide range of applications, data and capacity requirements to deliver the benefits of their product, without being bogged down in the technology solutions.

There are many companies implementing this basic business model and selling it to multiple organizations worldwide. Merrill Lynch recently estimated cloud computing to be a $100 billion dollar market ( At BlueLock, we expect this to continue to grow.

Eventually, we believe cloud solutions will become the mainstream.

A century ago, there were a companies who held on to their generators, and where eventually passed by competitors who made the transition. The same will happen in the next few years as proactive firms make the smart, secure, and cost effective decision to move to the cloud.

Cloud Computing

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