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September 25, 2008


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Jerry Bakewell

Bad luck, of course, who wouldn't feel aggrieved, a cautionary tale for our times, the moral highland is surely yours. But there is such a thing as loyalty. Perhaps you could have been more circumspect in reporting your estate agents' views. Was reporting them in that way really a matter of national importance and journalistic integrity? Any one could be caught out, but I for one try to be careful what I say about employers, clients, etc, in public places.

Nick Clayton

Of course I agree the comments were not a matter of national importance and journalistic integrity, although The Scotsman seems to think so. They were a passing comment in a blog for allmediascotland which is largely read by people in various parts of the Scottish media who already have some knowledge of Scottish newspaper economics.

In another context I'd have phrased the remarks differently. I was simply reporting an anecdote which illustrated a very well-known fact: property advertising has largely migrated from newspapers to the web. It wasn't even a criticism.

Frankly, I can't see The Scotsman's response as anything other than petty and vindictive. If management were really concerned about the comments they could have got in touch and asked me to remove or adapt them. I'd probably have complied.

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